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Added 27 May, 2019

What comes after probiotic foods? Biome-friendly beauty products, of course

Probiotic foods said to be good for microbiome health have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Now the beauty industry is getting in on the game, producing products that are supposedly good for your gut. One example is from a company called Mother Dirt, which recently launched products they say are uniquely formulated with biome-friendly ingrediants to restore and support the skin microbiome. Mother Dirt's Body Oil and Body Wash are the latest in the company's fleet of biome-friendly products. "Formulated for compatibility with the skin's natural microbiome, the new line complements the brand's hero product, the AO+ Mist, which contains a live culture of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOBs). This peace-keeping bacteria helps to restore balance to our skin's microbiome and reverse the effects of modern hygiene practices."

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