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Added 8 July, 2021

The hospitality industry is warming up to cryptocurrencies with its first luxury franchise offering crypto transactions to make bookings. The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts has adopted crypto, elevating the experience of modern luxury. The franchise has partnered with UK-based CoinDirect to provide a hassle-free, convenient, and secure portal...

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Added 20 May, 2020

Whether it’s accessing your money online or using mobile banking tools, finance experts saw a trend for online banking even before the COVID-19 outbreak. That trend is gaining steam. With some bank branches closed or operating hours reduced, more people are checking their accounts electronically. That won't go away when coronavirus subsides....

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Added 20 May, 2020

With more people taking advantage of the trails in cities cross the USA, bike sales are spiking dramatically. Damon Hershey, the General Manager at Cycle Works says the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on their business. “We’re getting a lot of bikes in service, a lot of bikes in sales, and it makes sense, it’s one of the few activities that...

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Added 5 May, 2020

Ghost kitchens became the hot new restaurant industry trend in 2019. Even big-name tech talent got in on the action, with former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick backing start-up CloudKitchens. In essence, ghost kitchens provide the “kitchen” piece of a restaurant operation without the on-premises dining or direct customer interaction—no host or wait...

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Added 3 May, 2020

Several months ago, at least 4 startups created software platforms for restaurants to purchase food from their suppliers. Then COVID-19 forced the closure of restaurants and these startups -- Choco, Cheetah, Pepper and DineMarket -- all pivoted to allow consumers to buy directly from the companies that used to supply restaurants. The questions...

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Added 25 April, 2020

Central banks have had a busy pandemic. Along with injecting vast amounts of money into the financial system, they have cleaned vast amounts of it—literally. From America to South Korea, central banks have quarantined and disinfected potentially contaminated banknotes. This hassle should make them all the more interested in a digital-currency...

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Added 23 April, 2020

The complexity of automated bin picking is well-known throughout the warehouse industry, requiring huge efforts in both integration and programming. Today, most bin picking products are solely focused on the vision aspect of bin picking and often require hundreds of lines of additional programming to bridge the gap from “pick” to “place” –...

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Added 26 March, 2020

Several products are gaining traction now that the majority of the world's white collar workforce is mostly working from home. These include, Officiser, a fitness tool that encourages movement at your desk; Sentien, an open headset that sends sounds directly to the wearer’s inner ear; a wellbeing app for employees called Living Ashram; and an...

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Added 19 March, 2020

The parent company of online travel agency believes that travel demand across its European business could start to bounce back by May. Like most tourism-focused companies, LM Holding saw a significant drop-off in demand over the past couple of weeks as European countries introduced measures to try and contain the coronavirus...

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Added 27 February, 2020

Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner, announced on Wednesday that its Boddington operation, in Australia, is to become the world’s first open-pit gold mine with an autonomous haul truck fleet once it begins operations in 2021. The move, said the company, will enhance safety and productivity and is also expected to extend the mine’s life by...