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Added 8 January, 2020

Last year, wool shoes from companies like Allbirds were all the rage in California tech circles. After selling 1 million pairs of shoes just two years, the brand developed a cult following pursued by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and former President Barack Obama. Now, Allbirds is looking to top themselves with a line of shoes that...

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Added 2 January, 2020

Walmart is about to experiment with autonomous grocery delivery in a big way. The big-box retailer is launching a pilot program in Houston that will use Nuro's self-driving R1 vehicle to shuttle food from "select" stores to customers who've opted into the program. The companies didn't outline how customers would enroll, but Houstonians can...

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Added 1 January, 2020

74-year-old French fashion brand Celine has picked 18-year-old Noen Eubanks, a star on the three-year-old social video platform TikTok, as it's newest face. The easy joke to make here might be "and now you feel old," but maybe it just proves that time is a flat circle. Celine posted the latest campaign on its Instagram earlier today,...

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Added 22 December, 2019

Canadian vegan fast-food chain Globally Local will open a fourth location in Windsor, Ontario next spring. Construction has already begun on the new, 1,200-square-foot restaurant, which will be modeled after its Toronto location. The 28-seat restaurant will offer a fully vegan menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options such as sausage-and-...

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Added 8 December, 2019
The European airline EasyJet is claiming an industry first with an app that invites consumers book trips based on an image. Typically, the app will scan the image for contextual clues. This is made easier when users mention the name of the location in the post. While not for everyone, the airline thinks this may add an air of adventure to the...
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Added 4 December, 2019
As the secondhand market becomes a bigger part of the retail industry, Patagonia is doubling down on its used gear efforts with the first ever physical space exclusively centered on its resale business. Patagonia's Worn Wear operates by buying customers' products back from them, provided they're in good condition, in exchange for store credit....
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Added 30 September, 2019

Androgyny has found its space on the toy aisle. Mattel has officially launched the world’s first line of gender-neutral dolls, marketed as Creatable World. Promising to make “doll play more inclusive,” Mattel offers a kit that lets kids make a doll that’s male, female, or neither. “In our world, dolls are as limitless as the kids who play with...

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Added 23 July, 2019

The traditional method of buying spare parts from mechanics is slowly changing as more and more people are getting spare parts themselves online. In the United States, online sales of new auto parts and accessories will grow about 16% and reach $12.3 billion this year, according to an analysis conducted by Hedges & Co., an automotive...

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Added 27 June, 2019

An expected drop in Chinese tourism to the United States won’t just impact hotels and restaurants. In fact retail may take the biggest hit. Within the realm of tourism, the trade war between the United States and China is likely to have a significant impact on luxury retail. And yes, luxury retail is a major player in the tourism industry....

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Added 26 June, 2019

Domino's Pizza, the largest pizza company in the world, and Nuro, a robotics company, are partnering on autonomous pizza delivery using a custom unmanned vehicle known as the R2. The Domino's fleet will serve select Houston Domino's customers who place orders online. Once they have opted in, customers can track the vehicle via the Domino's app...