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Added 14 January, 2023

Perishable groceries are getting the airline treatment. A company called Wasteless is looking to connect sell-by dates with pricing, so as fresh foods age they automatically decline in price to spur sales. The company argues this is also a great strategy to reduce waste. Normally, supermarkets put analogue stickers on foods they're looking to...

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Added 21 November, 2022

Tourism destinations are learning that electric vehicle charging stations present opportunities to attract visitation, especially to rural and underserved areas. “It would almost be like passive tourism,” said Visit North Carolina Director Wit Tuttell. “They needed to charge, they stopped and then they realized what a cute town it was and then...

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Added 4 November, 2022

Haarlem in the Netherlands is the first city in the world to ban meat advertisements. The impact on the climate is the stated reason for the ban, which extends to all public spaces. Similarly, the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague have already decided to ban commercials for airplane travel, petrol cars and the fossil fuel industry...

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Added 6 March, 2022

The world of sustainable goods just got bigger with the launch of Amazon Aware, a collection of clothing, beauty, bed & bath, and household products designed by an in-house team. They’re dedicated to using recycled or sustainable materials without sacrificing quality or over inflating their price. Each item created under this label is made...

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Added 27 December, 2021

"For businesses ourselves, the first step must be taking a long hard look in the mirror. The private sector faces a massive—and understandable—trust deficit on the back of widespread greenwashing, spin, and straight out lying. Therefore, we must get a clear picture of our impact and use this to open honest conversations. At Patagonia, we don’t...

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Added 31 August, 2021

IKEA has announced the launch of STROMMA in Sweden, an electricity subscription service that will enable customers to buy affordable, certified electricity from solar and wind, and use an app to track their own electricity usage. IKEA already offers solar panels to customers in 11 markets, with plans to expand the offering to all Ingka Group...

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Added 30 August, 2021

Aiming to halt harm to livestock animals and to the planet, pet food brand Because Animals will soon be launching a lab-grown alternative: Harmless Hunt Mouse Cookies for Cats. The snacks are made with meat grown from mouse cells, which are collected from mice in a procedure that Because Animals compares to an ear piercing. Those mice then '...

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Added 23 August, 2021

In an almost cruel twist of irony, Amazon is allegedly planning on opening large physical stores akin to department stores in the near future. These brick-and-mortar locations will allow customers to purchase clothes, electronics, kitchen appliances, and more. The ecommerce and web hosting giant is slated to first open their department stores...

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Added 22 July, 2021

Many major cosmetic brands have men's collections. Some even have men's counters in department stores. Now a make-up brand for men called War Paint for Men has opened a new store on London's Carnaby Street. Founded by Danny Gray, War Paint for Men specialises in makeup and cosmetics specifically for men, and is sold in more than 80 countries....

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Added 12 July, 2021

Nuro, one of the biggest names in driverless delivery vehicles, just landed its biggest fish yet, entering an agreement with logistics giant FedEx, which has committed to using the startup’s autonomous delivery vehicles in the long-term and at a “large scale.” Since starting grocery delivery trials in Arizona with supermarket retailer Kroger...