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Added 29 May, 2021

For Walmart, virtual try-on might be a game-changer, solving what has historically been one of the most difficult things to replicate online: understanding fit and how an item will actually look on you. When the experience is live on, customers will simply upload their picture or choose from a series of models that best represent...

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Added 13 February, 2021

Coca-Cola is to test a paper bottle as part of a longer-term bid to eliminate plastic from its packaging entirely. The prototype is made by a Danish company from an extra-strong paper shell that still contains a thin plastic liner. But the goal is to create a 100% recyclable, plastic-free bottle capable of preventing gas escaping from...

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Added 17 December, 2020

For over two years, Walmart has been testing autonomous delivery trucks and now the company says it’s almost ready to take human drivers out of the driver’s seat. Beginning next year, the retail giant plans to do away with the human operators tending to its self-driving fleet of trucks in Arkansas and Louisiana. This comes after 18 months of...

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Added 13 December, 2020

The country's loyalty program will operate in three tiers, named in the local Maldivian language: Aida (bronze), Antara (silver) and Abaarana (gold), with different values for various activities—50 points for border crossings, for example, and 5 points per night. Payoffs for travelers will include hotel nights, sea plane services and other...

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Added 26 June, 2020

Ghost kitchens started cropping up several years ago, typically with individual restaurants operating a delivery-only business that differed from what they sold in their dining rooms. Now, like some other big players, Canadian restaurant conglomerate Recipe Unlimited Corp. is creating its own virtual concept — named Ultimate Kitchen. The first...

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Added 21 June, 2020

Many people, especially younger people, are educating themselves about the companies and brands they give their money to. Tech helping them include browser extensions like Progressive Shopper. Once the free Google Chrome extension is installed, shoppers can quickly see if the brand they are purchasing from aligns with their values by color code...

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Added 20 May, 2020

Whether it’s accessing your money online or using mobile banking tools, finance experts saw a trend for online banking even before the COVID-19 outbreak. That trend is gaining steam. With some bank branches closed or operating hours reduced, more people are checking their accounts electronically. That won't go away when coronavirus subsides....

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Added 20 May, 2020

With more people taking advantage of the trails in cities cross the USA, bike sales are spiking dramatically. Damon Hershey, the General Manager at Cycle Works says the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on their business. “We’re getting a lot of bikes in service, a lot of bikes in sales, and it makes sense, it’s one of the few activities that...

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Added 6 May, 2020

The coronavirus shutdown has forced a reset to consumers’ purchasing behavior across the globe and at every income level. In a blink of the eye, consumer spending shifted from discretionary to necessity purchases and has remained that way throughout the months of the shutdowns. In the new-normal, post-coronavirus world, the luxury market is...

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Added 3 May, 2020

Several months ago, at least 4 startups created software platforms for restaurants to purchase food from their suppliers. Then COVID-19 forced the closure of restaurants and these startups -- Choco, Cheetah, Pepper and DineMarket -- all pivoted to allow consumers to buy directly from the companies that used to supply restaurants. The questions...