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Added 1 October, 2023

Autonomous carmaker Cruise just started beta testing its robotaxis in Houston and it's not an inspiring start. The newly rolled-out self-driving vehicles caused a traffic jam when three of the cars slowed to a stop at an intersection, blocking all other vehicles from passing through while struggling to make sense of a four-way red light. That...

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Added 5 June, 2023

Belgian startup UZE has developed a novel solution to the EV driver's pain point of finding a spot to juice up their vehicle. Instead of requiring drivers to locate an available charging station, UZE brings the power straight to wherever they're parked. As simple as ordering a pizza, customers just request a charge via the company's app. A UZE...

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Added 21 November, 2022

Tourism destinations are learning that electric vehicle charging stations present opportunities to attract visitation, especially to rural and underserved areas. “It would almost be like passive tourism,” said Visit North Carolina Director Wit Tuttell. “They needed to charge, they stopped and then they realized what a cute town it was and then...

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Added 29 September, 2022

The world’s first all-electric passenger airplane has finally taken flight. The Eviation Aircraft Alice went on its maiden voyage on Tuesday, after a series of setbacks and delays kept putting off the historic flight — officially bringing passenger planes into the EV age. The inaugural Alice flight was short and sweet, lasting eight minutes in...

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Added 31 August, 2022

Call it Shame of Thrones

A Maryland-based startup called Throne Labs thinks it has the answer to the lack of public and clean bathrooms in cities. That answer? App-based public restrooms that only let you in with a QR code — and which track if you've left a mess behind. "Very few people create issues in [public] bathrooms, don’t respect...

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Added 27 June, 2022

Stockholm is set to trial 'world's first electric flying ferry' next year. The Candela P-12 Shuttle – said to be the world’s fastest electric ship – is set to start a nine-month trial next year, shuttling passenger between Stockholm city center and the suburb of Ekerö. Thanks to three carbon fibre wings that extend out of the hull, the ferry is...

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Added 6 March, 2022

SWISS and the Lufthansa Group have concluded a strategic collaboration with Synhelion to bring its solar aviation fuel to market. This will make SWISS the first airline in the world to use ‘sun-to-liquid’ fuel, made from a process that uses concentrated sunlight to produce carbon-neutral kerosene. This will make SWISS the first airline in the...

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Added 13 February, 2022

The Biden administration has unveiled a massively ambitious plan to install roughly 400,000 EV chargers between now and 2030, bringing the total number of publicly available chargers to half a million. The US Departments of Energy and Transportation announced they will dedicate $5 billion over the next five years to the project, making good on...

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Added 6 February, 2022

We have seen some attempts at cocktail robots before, but none that look as good as this one. And this is the first one to operate on a large scale in such a public space. Installed in Singapore's Changi airport by a company called Makr Shakr, this mix bot is currently serving free drinks in the duty free areas of terminals 2 and 3. Drinkers...

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Added 3 February, 2022

In the near future there will be may options to fly into space, just as there are many airlines in the sky. And some of these spaceships may look more like airplanes too. That's because new technology is figuring out ways to propel craft to space without being on the top of a giant rocket. One of those companies is Radian Aerospace, a friend of...