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Added 11 January, 2022

In rural areas, where workers are scarce because young people are moving to cities, autonomy may hold the key to sustaining sufficient yields. Farmers can control the tractors via a smartphone app, of course. You can start the machine with the swipe of a button, then watch live video as the tractor moves across the field from a pair of boxes...

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Added 27 December, 2021

"For businesses ourselves, the first step must be taking a long hard look in the mirror. The private sector faces a massive—and understandable—trust deficit on the back of widespread greenwashing, spin, and straight out lying. Therefore, we must get a clear picture of our impact and use this to open honest conversations. At Patagonia, we don’t...

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Added 18 December, 2021

New York's Jacob K Javits Convention Center has been home to the largest green roof in NYC Since 2014. Now, the venue has added a one-acre farm that is already supplying ingredients to its kitchens, cutting the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The farm is expected to provide 40,000 fruits and vegetables annually and has already...

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Added 17 December, 2021

Yara International has announced that it will soon commence commercial operations of its long-awaited Yara Birkeland, the world’s first electric and self-propelled container ship. It will also begin a two-year test period prior to entering full autonomous operation on a route off the coast of Norway. The Yara Birkeland is powered by a Leclanché...

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Added 14 December, 2021

Alphabet’s AI research company DeepMind has released the next generation of its language model, and it says that it has close to the reading comprehension of a high schooler. The language model, called Gopher, was able to significantly improve its reading comprehension by ingesting massive repositories of texts online. Such a system could allow...

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Added 13 December, 2021

Eye drops that could replace reading glasses for millions of people were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and hit the market this week. The drops, called pilocarpine and marketed as Vuity by Allergan, can sharpen closeup vision for six to 10 hours. They work by using the eye’s existing ability to reduce its pupil size. “Reducing the...

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Added 7 July, 2021

the UK city of Leicester is installing a network of bee bus stops. It consists of 30 bus stop roofs topped with a mix of wildflowers and plants favored by bees and other pollinating insects whose numbers have been in decline in recent years. These green hubs are essentially bus stops with grass and wildflowers on their roofs that aim to...

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Added 5 July, 2021

San Francisco-based aquaculture startup Wildtype plans to serve slaughter-free, sushi-grade salmon at the world's first lab-grown sushi bar. The start-up company will use a small number of fish cells to develop nearly 200,000 pounds of lab-grown fish per year. By duplicating the fish cells, researchers at Wildtype discovered a way to produce...

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Added 2 July, 2021

At the height of the pandemic, many experts predicted that Covid signaled the death of self-serve food buffets. Not so fast. Turns out that buffets aren’t disappearing completely from the cruise world. A top spokesperson for cruise giant Carnival Cruise Line said passengers on its initial comeback sailings out of U.S. ports over the next two...

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Added 20 April, 2021

Microsoft's purchase of Nuance Communications for $19.7 billion, a software company that focuses on speech recognition through artificial intelligence, points to a future in which AI will be transcribing and analyzing voice conversations between doctors and patients. AI models can increasingly be trained on what we tell our doctors, now that...