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Added 1 April, 2020

A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions have released an early version of an app that they claim can determine whether you might have COVID-19, just by analyzing your voice. You can use the COVID Voice Detector now to analyze your own voice for signs of infection, though it comes with a hefty disclaimer that...

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Added 26 March, 2020

As countries in Asia impose stricter entry requirements on foreign visitors amid a new wave of imported coronavirus infections, hotels in the region are seeing unexpected opportunities as quarantine lodgings for travelers and workers seeking self-isolation venues. Industry players say the unusual proposal of repurposing hotels as quarantine...

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Added 24 March, 2020

To give massively overworked healthcare workers a much-needed break, China is staffing an entire field hospital with robots. The facility, dubbed the Smart Field Hospital, carried out basic screening tasks such as tracking temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, taken care of by robots, courtesy of Beijing-based startup CloudMinds....

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Added 22 March, 2020

A technology company in the city of Hefei, west of Shanghai, has attracted more than 100 orders for its holographic lift buttons as Chinese look for ways to avoid touching surfaces that may harbour the Covid-19 virus. The device works by projecting an image of buttons in the air, and allowing users to “touch” them. The maker, Easpeed, says it...

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Added 9 March, 2020

Field Trip Health Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Field Trip Psychedelics Inc., the world's first mental wellness company focused on psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy, announced the opening of its first medical centre, in Toronto, dedicated exclusively to the administration of psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. The clinic...

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Added 8 March, 2020

Telepresence is an important trend for healthcare in 2020. As an administrator and/or physician, you may already use it for remote applications, such as consultations with patients and specialists. But adding robotics as a facet of your telepresence strategy can be a lot easier to implement than it may seem — and a lot less expensive, too....

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Added 29 February, 2020

Delta Air Lines has announced that it is committing $1 billion over the next 10 years on its journey to mitigate all emissions from its global business going forward. The airline will invest in driving innovation, advancing clean air travel technologies, accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions and waste, and establishing new projects to...

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Added 26 February, 2020

As dozens of airlines cancel flights in and out of China due to the coronavirus, the wealthy are increasingly turning to flying private jets for travel in and out of the country, according to the BBC. Travelers are getting stuck trying to enter or leave mainland China in the thousands as the deadly virus makes its way around the globe, having...

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Added 25 February, 2020

According to findings from the recently released annual survey from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the demand for minimally invasive procedures (i.e. injectables) is bigger than ever, especially among Millennials. Fueling the overall growing demand for cosmetics procedures, according to survey data,...

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Added 13 February, 2020

For the first time in the world, a drug that can be used in the treatment of patients with obsessive compulsive disorder was developed by artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is predicted that drug development in the future will become faster and more efficient. According to the news in the Euroean...