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Added 18 June, 2020

After extensive research, the team implemented key structural changes, including the world’s first new-construction installation of Canada-based MAD Elevator Inc.’s Toe-To-Go (T2G) elevator system, which utilizes foot-activated call buttons for a hands-free elevator experience. The building will also be among the first multi-story office...

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Added 9 June, 2020

Airlines from America to Australia are ramping up flights in June and July, boosting hopes for a pickup in tourist traffic even as bigger-spending business and global travel remains sluggish during the ongoing pandemic. American Airlines and United Airlines each announced more flights to key U.S. business and leisure destinations where national...

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Added 25 May, 2020

A team of researchers from the Higher School of Economics University and Open University in Moscow, Russia claim they have demonstrated that an artificial intelligence can make accurate personality judgments based on selfies alone — more accurately than some humans.
The researchers suggest the technology could be used to help match people...

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Added 24 May, 2020

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, is trending at the Next Big Thing in medicine and personal wellness. Now, a Canadian startup called Anahit Therapeutics is nearly done constructing a large psilocybin cultivation farm in Jamaica, where it hopes to grow psychedelic mushrooms to use in new pharmaceuticals.
The plan is to...

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Added 23 May, 2020

Doctors in the U.K. have started using augmented reality headsets to communicate with their peers, drastically cutting down how many medical workers need to come into contact with COVID-19 patients. The Microsoft goggles let the wearer communicate with colleagues or request information like x-ray results from technicians waiting safely in a...

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Added 8 May, 2020

ienna Airport will offer onsite coronavirus testing from Monday to enable passengers entering Austria to avoid having to be quarantined for 14 days.

Passengers arriving at the airport have been required to present a health certificate showing a negative COVID-19 result which is no older than four days, or go into quarantine. From Monday...

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Added 25 April, 2020

Robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics has found a new job for its robot dog Spot Mini amidst the coronavirus outbreak: Modified Spot robots, outfitted with iPads, are now letting doctors walk into the rooms of coronavirus patients without risking infection. “Based on these conversations, as well as the global shortage of critical personal...

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Added 23 April, 2020

In collaboration with drone manufacturer Draganfly, the police department in Westport, Connecticut is testing “pandemic drones” designed to monitor whether people are adhering to social distancing rules. According to a press release, the drones’ advertised capabilities are extensive. They feature “a specialized sensor and computer vision...

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Added 19 April, 2020

Texas has opened the world's first drive-in funeral theater. Mission Park funeral home in San Antonio has rolled out the new service as the business attempts to adapt to social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak. Pictures from the first funeral of its kind show mourners parked a safe distance apart, with all vehicles pointed towards the...

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Added 17 April, 2020

Chile plans to issue the world’s first immunity cards for people that have recovered from coronavirus to signal they are no longer contagious and can return to work and their normal lives. The government will start issuing the “Covid-19 cards” next week, Health Minister Jaime Manalich told reporters Thursday, setting out a strict set of...