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Added 27 March, 2022

The pandemic fueled a shift in healthcare delivery, with more patients unable or unwilling to seek care in hospital settings. Even as the pandemic ebbs, its effect on how consumers access healthcare will persist, with fewer emergency-room visits. Changes in reimbursement models, new drugs, devices and growing investment in outpatient services,...

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Added 16 February, 2022

A new residential building on Manhattan's west side has been built with thousands of tons of demolition waste. Created by Dutch company StoneCycling, the recycled bricks contain 60% waste, including ceramic toilet bowls, roof tiles, and steel. "The West" was designed by Concrete, the Dutch architecture firm behind Citizen M hotels in New York,...

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Added 13 February, 2022

Construction has started on an air hub in England which will act as a base for police and delivery drones. The facility, known as Air One, is being built in Coventry ahead of a demonstration event later this year. Backers said sites like around the world could eventually host electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft such as air taxis and...

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Added 11 February, 2022

The first Winter Olympics took place in 1924 in Chamonix – a town in the French Alps. All the events happened outdoors. The Games organisers flooded courses to create natural rinks for ice hockey and tracks for sledding sports. There was plenty of fresh powder snow for skiing, too.

More recent Games have used significant amounts of...

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Added 6 February, 2022

Realtors need not worry that rising oceans will hurt home sales, at least if the village of Fairbourne in Wales is an example. Scientists believe that this small town will probably be underwater by 2054 thanks to climate change, yet home sales are booming. After 2054, the village seawall will no longer be maintained, leaving it entirely...

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Added 11 January, 2022

In rural areas, where workers are scarce because young people are moving to cities, autonomy may hold the key to sustaining sufficient yields. Farmers can control the tractors via a smartphone app, of course. You can start the machine with the swipe of a button, then watch live video as the tractor moves across the field from a pair of boxes...

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Added 27 December, 2021

"For businesses ourselves, the first step must be taking a long hard look in the mirror. The private sector faces a massive—and understandable—trust deficit on the back of widespread greenwashing, spin, and straight out lying. Therefore, we must get a clear picture of our impact and use this to open honest conversations. At Patagonia, we don’t...

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Added 18 December, 2021

New York's Jacob K Javits Convention Center has been home to the largest green roof in NYC Since 2014. Now, the venue has added a one-acre farm that is already supplying ingredients to its kitchens, cutting the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The farm is expected to provide 40,000 fruits and vegetables annually and has already...

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Added 17 December, 2021

Yara International has announced that it will soon commence commercial operations of its long-awaited Yara Birkeland, the world’s first electric and self-propelled container ship. It will also begin a two-year test period prior to entering full autonomous operation on a route off the coast of Norway. The Yara Birkeland is powered by a Leclanché...

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Added 14 December, 2021

Alphabet’s AI research company DeepMind has released the next generation of its language model, and it says that it has close to the reading comprehension of a high schooler. The language model, called Gopher, was able to significantly improve its reading comprehension by ingesting massive repositories of texts online. Such a system could allow...