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The WikiTrends Story

WikiTrends is produced by the Avant-Guide Institute, the trends consultancy for consumer marketing headquartered in New York City. It began life as a private, internal trend watching tool for our own proprietary team of globetrotting trend spotters to facilitate the sharing of trendsetting discoveries from around the world.

When friends, business partners and others outside our organization experienced WikiTrends, they too requested access to our always up-to-date repository of groundbreaking ideas. And why not? WikiTrends is packed with fun, inspirational and profitable ideas. In response, we made it easy for you to keep lists of your favorite ideas, follow trend spotters whose aesthetics you like, search by category, and share the trends you love with friends and colleagues and on social media.

Our aim is to help people everywhere discover trendsetting ideas, products and experiences for fun, insight, inspiration and profit.

Trends vs. Fads
Social trends are shared changes in sentiment in any measurable direction. They reflect popular taste, and can be identified by the products, services and experiences that are being created and consumed.

Trends are differentiated from fads primarily by longevity. While fads may come and go as quickly as a "flash in a pan," trends are longer lasting and often herald more permanent cultural change. While fads can be fun, only trends are stable and enduring enough to move society and build a business plan around.

Why Trends Matter
Trend watching is not just incredibly fun and cool, it visibly reveals the direction in which culture, thoughts and commerce are moving. In short, WikiTrends shows us where we -- and the world in which we live -- are headed.

For thinkers, innovators, marketers and those who love trend watching, WikiTrends is a fantastic resource giving you powerful insight into what global consumers are thinking and feeling. WikiTrends inspires with innovative ideas from around the world, shows you how people and companies are successfully embracing trends in ways that attract attention and customers, and asks how you too can take advantage of the same trends to enhance life and increase sales.

Become an Official WikiTrends Spotter
WikiTrends is continuously updated throughout the day by our own network of trend spotting enthusiasts, along with special members like you who tip us onto the new, unique and innovative things they find in their world.

Do you enjoy trend watching and sharing new things you discover? We would love to hear from you!

Tippers who provide especially useful trend intelligence are invited to join our global team of WikiTrends Spotters where you will enjoy perks that include exclusive "first-look" product giveaways from our commercial partners, periodic invitations to special events, and offers to participate in paid consumer trend sessions.

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