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Added 18 June, 2020

After extensive research, the team implemented key structural changes, including the world’s first new-construction installation of Canada-based MAD Elevator Inc.’s Toe-To-Go (T2G) elevator system, which utilizes foot-activated call buttons for a hands-free elevator experience. The building will also be among the first multi-story office...

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Added 24 May, 2020

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, is trending at the Next Big Thing in medicine and personal wellness. Now, a Canadian startup called Anahit Therapeutics is nearly done constructing a large psilocybin cultivation farm in Jamaica, where it hopes to grow psychedelic mushrooms to use in new pharmaceuticals.
The plan is to...

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Added 8 May, 2020

The year 2020 has been surreal for almost everyone around the world. In the midst of all this, a new trend has emerged. One that has kept athletes, actors, fans and even those covering games and celebrity engaged. Many celebs and sportspeople around the world have stepped up their social media game, reaching out to their followers not just...

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Added 6 May, 2020

The coronavirus shutdown has forced a reset to consumers’ purchasing behavior across the globe and at every income level. In a blink of the eye, consumer spending shifted from discretionary to necessity purchases and has remained that way throughout the months of the shutdowns. In the new-normal, post-coronavirus world, the luxury market is...

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Added 23 April, 2020

In collaboration with drone manufacturer Draganfly, the police department in Westport, Connecticut is testing “pandemic drones” designed to monitor whether people are adhering to social distancing rules. According to a press release, the drones’ advertised capabilities are extensive. They feature “a specialized sensor and computer vision...

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Added 19 April, 2020

Texas has opened the world's first drive-in funeral theater. Mission Park funeral home in San Antonio has rolled out the new service as the business attempts to adapt to social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak. Pictures from the first funeral of its kind show mourners parked a safe distance apart, with all vehicles pointed towards the...

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Added 15 April, 2020

Niue, an island nation in the South Pacific, has earned the distinction of being the world’s first whole country to become an International Dark Sky Place. According to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), an organisation which is known for battling light pollution and promoting dark skies, the island nation of Niue “has received...

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Added 14 April, 2020

They say that timing is everything — but that couldn't be truer for Vancouver filmmaker Mostafa Keshvari. As he watched events unfolding in China in January, and the waves of anti-Asian racism and xenophobia that were rippling around the world, the Persian-Canadian creator had an idea: to make a film about COVID-19. "I came up with the idea in...

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Added 11 April, 2020

In the future, shelf-stable groceries will be delivered en mass, while perishable foods and more upscale items will take over supermarkets. That's the trend that coronavirus is accelerating, one that will change the habits of shoppers and remake the middle aisles of supermarkets. Increased appreciation for shelf-stable foods will outlive COVID-...

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Added 26 March, 2020

Several products are gaining traction now that the majority of the world's white collar workforce is mostly working from home. These include, Officiser, a fitness tool that encourages movement at your desk; Sentien, an open headset that sends sounds directly to the wearer’s inner ear; a wellbeing app for employees called Living Ashram; and an...