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Added 14 February, 2020

The Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) announced that it is buying its first electric fire engine, which it claims will be “the first in North America.” They placed an order with Rosenbauer, an Austrian-based fire engine manufacturer, which claims to have built “the world’s first fully electric drive fire truck.” The future fire truck...

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Added 19 January, 2020

A typical Ikea store comes with a sprawling parking lot—in Burbank, California, for example, the lot has room for 1,700 cars. But as the company works to shrink its carbon footprint, including the pollution from customers driving to suburban stores, it’s also rethinking parking. A new seven-store building that will house an Ikea store in...

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Added 13 January, 2020

The bed frames in the Athletes Village at this year's Olympics will be made of sturdy cardboard. The single bed frames will be recycled into paper products after the games. The mattress components—the mattresses are not made of cardboard—will be recycled into plastic products. The mattress is broken up into three distinct sections, and the...

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Added 9 January, 2020

Vogue Italia‘s January 2020 issue is replacing its usual glossy photographs and editorial fashion spreads with illustrations. The reason? To reduce the environmental impact of photoshoots. “This is the first time Vogue has done this since the introduction of photography in its pages in the early 20th century,” Condé Nast, Vogue‘s publishing...

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Added 8 January, 2020

North Dakota’s new tourism marketing campaign is promoting what the sparsely populated US state has plenty of: elbow room. Among the least-visited states in the nation, North Dakota’s tourism agency unveiled a $2.9 million campaign touting the state’s wide-open spaces, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Tourism Division Director Sara Otte...

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Added 5 January, 2020

Design studio Mira has invented an automated camera system for museums, sports arenas and other public venues that enables visitors to get the perfect shot for social media without the use of their personal devices. Mira describes itself "as the world's first automated photography platform" designed to produce high-quality images of people in...

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Added 31 December, 2019

In an effort to further reduce the environmental impacts of its packaging and inspire consumers to adopt new behaviors to lessen their carbon footprint, Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs, a leading organic egg brand in the US is putting reusable egg cartons in supermarkets. The reusable cartons are currently sold at a retail price of $2.99. Once...

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Added 26 December, 2019

Automated coffee bar manufacturer Cafe X has launched a new version of its Robotic Coffee Bar at San Jose International Airport (SJC). Located in Terminal B, the new automated barista can allegedly handle ten orders simultaneously without mistakes, and the machine can serve a range of drinks including cappuccinos, lattes and iced matcha lattes...

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Added 22 December, 2019

San Diego-based startup BlueNalu has cooked up the world’s first yellowtail amberjack without killing a fish, which it made through cellular aquaculture using a few fish cells and growing them into slaughter-free meat. “With our recent product demonstration, BlueNalu has accomplished a major milestone,” BlueNalu President and CEO Lou...

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Added 4 December, 2019
As the secondhand market becomes a bigger part of the retail industry, Patagonia is doubling down on its used gear efforts with the first ever physical space exclusively centered on its resale business. Patagonia's Worn Wear operates by buying customers' products back from them, provided they're in good condition, in exchange for store credit....