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Added 13 July, 2022

Forget augmented reality headsets: Here comes AR contact lenses

Mojo Vision, a California-based startup, has shown off a "feature-complete" prototype of its augmented reality smart contact lens. Mojo Vision is hoping to integrate an entire "eye-based UI" into an AR ecosystem that would "provide discreet access to the information you need throughout your day — all while letting you look like yourself," a company blog post by Perkins published last week reads. It could serve as a stealthy teleprompter, for instance, or track your workout, or discretely show you directions. Not only does the contact include a tiny MicroLED screen with 14,000 pixels per inch — the "world’s smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content" at less than 0.5 mm in diameter, according to Perkins — but it also features an Arm microprocessor, a short-range radio, and even a fleshed-out motion tracking system.

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