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Added 10 August, 2023

A new artificial intelligence algorithm has detected, for the first time ever, a killer asteroid slated to fly by Earth — and it won't be the last. Known as HelioLinc3D, the algorithm — created specifically for the still-under-construction Vera Rubin Observatory in Northern Chile — has already identified one "potentially hazardous asteroid" or...

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Added 18 July, 2023

IKEA is training call centre workers to become interior design advisers as the Swedish furniture giant aims to offer more home improvement services and hand run-of-the-mill customer queries to an artificial intelligence bot called Billie. In April, IKEA expanded its interior design services to the UK and United States, after previous launches...

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Added 9 June, 2023

Prague-base Healthy Longevity Cafe is the latest in a line of longevity clinics around the world aiming to help people live longer, healthier lives. The process typically starts with a battery of diagnostics, including those looking into stress levels, lung capacity, heart health, and detailed body composition analysis including muscle, fat,...

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Added 5 June, 2023

Belgian startup UZE has developed a novel solution to the EV driver's pain point of finding a spot to juice up their vehicle. Instead of requiring drivers to locate an available charging station, UZE brings the power straight to wherever they're parked. As simple as ordering a pizza, customers just request a charge via the company's app. A UZE...

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Added 9 May, 2023

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced a new all electric design for its 7000 US-based restaurants that ditches gas and works to maximize energy efficiency in its equipment and systems utilizing 100% renewable energy from wind power and solar. The company recently opened restaurants with the new features in Gloucester, Virginia and Jacksonville,...

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Added 25 April, 2023

Swedish startup Modvion is set to supply power giant RWE Renewables with wooden wind turbine towers for onshore wind farms. RWE wants to use Modvion’s wooden turbine towers because it asserts in a statement that laminated wood is stronger than steel proportionate to its weight, which means lighter towers and less need for expensive...

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Added 11 April, 2023

With all the runaway success it's having with ChatGPT, OpenAI seemingly wants to give its versatile large language models a physical body — and is now throwing its money behind building a humanoid robot worker. OpenAI has invested in Norwegian robotics company 1X, leading a recent round of funding through its OpenAI Startup Fund at the end of...

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Added 22 February, 2023

OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman is saying that AI will soon be giving medical advice to people too poor for actual healthcare. "The adaptation to a world deeply integrated with AI tools is probably going to happen pretty quickly," he wrote. We are seeing in areas across the industrial spectrum that AI will be the default for most people, while actual...

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Added 22 February, 2023

Books created using AI text generators are starting to flood Amazon, Reuters reports. According to the report, there were over 200 e-books in the e-retailer's Kindle store as of this month that listed "ChatGPT" as an author — some of which are being sold for as little as $1 — but the real number is likely much higher, since people can use AI...

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Added 22 January, 2023

Researchers reporting in the American Chemical Society Applied Materials and Interfaces have found a way to give lipstick antimicrobial properties – by adding cranberry extract to the formulation. The formula, which is a deep red color, was found to inactivate any harmful and disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and a fungus that it encountered...