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Added 24 November, 2022

Situated north of Austin in the city of Georgetown's master-planned community of Wolf Ranch by Hillwood Communities, a Perot company, the 100-home community combines innovative robotics, software and advanced materials to create homes that are technologically advanced, environmentally sustainable and architecturally striking. Each Lennar home...

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Added 12 August, 2022

Someday soon all our purchases may be delivered by drone. But how exactly will they be delivered? Dronedek brings the mailbox into the 21st-century with a large, automatic package delivery system that can live outside every home. It's a safe, secure, and weatherproof receptacle that is capable of holding packages and notifying owners of their...

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Added 13 July, 2022

A smart pet door that claims to recognize your pets — and only your pets is headed to production. Most pet doors are basically just small holes cut into the bottom of a regular door with a plastic flap covering. The problem is that flap offers equal opportunity for wildlife, stray animals and other people's pets to wander in your home and...

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Added 18 December, 2021

New York's Jacob K Javits Convention Center has been home to the largest green roof in NYC Since 2014. Now, the venue has added a one-acre farm that is already supplying ingredients to its kitchens, cutting the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The farm is expected to provide 40,000 fruits and vegetables annually and has already...

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Added 7 July, 2021

the UK city of Leicester is installing a network of bee bus stops. It consists of 30 bus stop roofs topped with a mix of wildflowers and plants favored by bees and other pollinating insects whose numbers have been in decline in recent years. These green hubs are essentially bus stops with grass and wildflowers on their roofs that aim to...

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Added 17 April, 2020

In 1917, as the United States deployed troops to a Europe battered by warfare and food shortages, victory gardens sprang up across the U.S. Planted by civilians with urging by the government, these small gardens were made to feed American infantry and help “win the war.” Now, more than a century later, victory gardens are once again in fashion...

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Added 12 August, 2019

In-step with today's sensibilities, IKEA is producing a new line of furniture dubbed Råvaror that is not only designed for small spaces, but has the added bonus of being easily dismantled, packed, moved and re-assembled. “Our starting point and creative idea was the reality of urban life,” says Viveca Olsson, Creative leader, IKEA of Sweden. “...

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Added 11 June, 2019

IKEA is piloting a series of robotic furniture in collaboration with American startup Ori Living. This high-tech collaboration speaks to the underlying idea that our physical spaces need to become more flexible to make room for experiences and human connection. And for living in smaller urban spaces. The ROGNAN system is one very literal...

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Added 27 March, 2019

Single people and couples served by coliving today aren’t the only groups feeling pain from the urban housing crisis. By many measures, families with young children have it worse. Families need lots of space, which is difficult to come by in major cities. And they’re often competing with groups of roommates for a limited inventory of two and...

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Added 7 March, 2019

The trend over the past few years to monitor ourselves via wearable devices is now moving into monitoring the world around us. Lots of new products are now coming online, and many of these are connected devices that are designed to fit snugly into our homes and offices. AurAir is one of the latest examples of this trend. Designed to provide an...