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Added 8 November, 2023

German supermarket Lidl is leveling the playing field for plant-based foods. By price-matching its Venmondo vegan products to their animal-based equivalents, Lidl is upending the higher pricing model traditionally associated with plant-based fare. The retailer introduced Vemondo in 2020; the vegan line now includes over 100 items. In addition...

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Added 9 May, 2023

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced a new all electric design for its 7000 US-based restaurants that ditches gas and works to maximize energy efficiency in its equipment and systems utilizing 100% renewable energy from wind power and solar. The company recently opened restaurants with the new features in Gloucester, Virginia and Jacksonville,...

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Added 14 January, 2023

Perishable groceries are getting the airline treatment. A company called Wasteless is looking to connect sell-by dates with pricing, so as fresh foods age they automatically decline in price to spur sales. The company argues this is also a great strategy to reduce waste. Normally, supermarkets put analogue stickers on foods they're looking to...

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Added 6 December, 2022

We have been hearing lots lately about lab-grown meats, cell-cultured muscle that doesn't require an killing any animals. So it makes sense that the same process can be applied to milk made from cell-cultures. And Wilk, an Israeli startup, is introducing the world's first yogurt made with cell-cultured milk fats. Perhaps even more exciting is...

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Added 27 March, 2022

Regular readers of Wikitrends have see robot chefs popping up in restaurants around the world. Now take that concept, miniaturize it, and integrate it into a vending machine. RoboBurger is basically a burger chef in a vending machine that freshly cooks grilled burgers from scratch, made for airports, colleges, offices, factories, and military...

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Added 21 February, 2022

Kegged wine is a movement that is still finding its footing in the restaurant world but one which has piqued the curiosities of guests and industry insiders. Along with bottle lists, more restaurants are offering wines on tap, fed by 5.2-gallon kegs. While kegged wine might be a tough sell to traditionalists, they are trending for good reason:...

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Added 7 February, 2022

Roughly 90-percent of American strawberries are grown in California, and almost all of them are grown outdoors in soil. But times are a-changin' as they say as farmers and food marketers see benefits of tabletop hydroponics. One company, Red Dog Management, has teamed up with Canadian produce distributor Oppy and agricultural investment firm...

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Added 6 February, 2022

We have seen some attempts at cocktail robots before, but none that look as good as this one. And this is the first one to operate on a large scale in such a public space. Installed in Singapore's Changi airport by a company called Makr Shakr, this mix bot is currently serving free drinks in the duty free areas of terminals 2 and 3. Drinkers...

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Added 18 December, 2021

Israeli lab-grown meat company MeaTech 3D says it has successfully bioprinted a 3.67 ounce steak that’s composed out of layers of lab-grown fat and muscle cells, making it the world’s largest lab-grown steak. The company claims it’s the “largest cultured steak produced to date,” meaning it would serve as an “important milestone toward the goal...

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Added 30 August, 2021

Aiming to halt harm to livestock animals and to the planet, pet food brand Because Animals will soon be launching a lab-grown alternative: Harmless Hunt Mouse Cookies for Cats. The snacks are made with meat grown from mouse cells, which are collected from mice in a procedure that Because Animals compares to an ear piercing. Those mice then '...