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Added 17 February, 2019

Wellness apps are trending

Mindfulness apps are the must-have addition to smartphones in 2019. A good example is Moodrise, which aims to use digital content, nicknamed “digital nutrition”, to help alleviate pain, boost emotional resilience and improve experiences of everyday life. Instead of focusing on meditation like other wellness apps, Moodrise offers up different forms of content so you can swap your daily Instagram scroll for something that could make you feel better instead. The way it works is the app focuses on the six most popular mood states including happiness, confidence and focus, and the related neurotransmitters that lead to that mood state. Users choose the mood state they wish to address or improve. They are then served with a series of different content cards. The content has been specifically created to help deliver the desired chemical reaction in the brain, backed up by scientific research. The idea is that you use the app daily, taking in the different types of content like a “digital pill” to help improve mood states.

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