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Added 14 March, 2019

Robots taking our jobs: Self-cleaning hotel rooms at Copenhagen's Hotel Ottilia

Staying in Hotel rooms comes with its own set of horrors. What if the bedsheets aren’t washed clean? What if the rooms haven’t been moped for weeks? And even worse, what if the curtains haven’t been dry cleaned for ages? Well, for all you cleanliness freaks out there, there’s good news! Doing away with the need for manual cleaning and thus ensuring 100 percent tidiness is a brand-new hotel in Copenhagen called the Ottilia. Located in a pair of former Carlsberg brewery buildings, the hotel boasts of an auto disinfectant cleaning technology which makes it the world’s first ever self-cleaning hotel. Rolled out in partnership with Danish company ACT. Global, the ACT CleanCoat technology as it is called makes cleaning a seamless task. It equips sunlight and titanium dioxide to do its job and comes with a Teflon-coating that can break down harmful microbes—like bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores, and chemical compounds mold spores. The transparent antibacterial spray works on steroids and can purify and deodorize the air for up to a year. CleanCoat spray is aimed to reduced manual labor costs by half.

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