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Added 1 November, 2013

Solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations will change our relationship to fuel

Increasingly, governments are encouraging the move towards electric vehicles (EVs), using both the carrots of tough laws and the sticks of higher taxes. Still, it can be hard to figure out the real cost of plugging in your car, as opposed to filling it with gasoline. That's what we like about the Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger, the first fully mobile, stand-alone car charging station that collects its electricity exclusively from the sun. One look at this futuristic electric garage and you implicitly understand it: The sun is charging my car! The unit combines a solar array with a battery that can storage the sun's energy until it is needed. The manufacturers envision it as a convenient way to top off your car's fuel supply while away from home; say having lunch, running errands or at a meeting. Because the devices are mobile and deployable in about five minutes, we expect them to start popping up in event parking lots in sunny places worldwide. Will the design encourage more people to go electric? The trend says yes.
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