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Added 26 April, 2015

Brainwave altering devices are having their moment

Problems with focus or anxiety are part of the human experience. As antidotes, we’ve developed time-tested solutions like a fresh cup of coffee, a cold bottle of beer, soothing music, or pumping low levels of electricity into the brain to directly control what brain cells are doing. Wait – that last one? Electric brainwave control is actually part of a fast-developing trend in wearable products that stimulate our brains to achieve calmness, eliminate anxiety and sharpen focus. Using vibration and low-level bursts of electricity delivered through a headbands, these products are multiplying fast - Halo Neuroscience, Zen Vibez, Thync, and STX-Med are just a few companies putting out mind-altering headsets. While there’s no word yet on whether these headbands can produce something that tastes as good as a cup of coffee or glass of wine, they’re said to be as safe and might be just as effective to help focus before exams and cure jitters before first dates.

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