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Added 22 December, 2019

AI-powered robot 'employment agency' opens in Israel

The world’s first “employment agency” offering robots controlled by artificial-intelligence for hire has launched in Israel as a joint venture between SixAI of Israel and Musashi Seimitsu of Japan. The robots are “genuinely autonomous rather than automated” since they are given tasks and then determine their own optimal way to perform the job at hand, “just as humans do,” explained Ran Poliakine, founder of SixAI. MusashiAI provides a completely autonomous forklift and a visual inspection robot that factories can hire to work by the hour or pay a task-completed rate. The robots work to a rate of one component every two seconds and an accuracy of 98 percent, according to the company. In contrast, traditional non-AI-controlled robots take more than 20 seconds per component to achieve a 70 percent accuracy rate.

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