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Added 12 August, 2017

3D Virtual fitting room will boost online clothing sales

It can be a real pain to shop for clothes online when it's unclear how they'll fit. Sure, if you have favorite brands, it's easier, but if you're wading into the unknown territory of a completely new-to-you store or line of clothing, you're taking a big gamble. And since none of us actually want to step foot in a store these days (ew), it can be a real headache to find clothes that fit. That's why this new breakthrough is so interesting. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have discovered how to digitally capture clothing on a moving person and dress a different 3D virtual person in it. It's functionally being able to virtually try on clothes and see how they'll fit as you move around.
The product, called ClothCap, uses 4D movies recorded using a scanner with 66 cameras and projectors to take full stock of the person being scanned. This allows the scanner to fully see how clothing drapes on a person's body and where it wrinkles. It also records how a body moves under the clothes and how the garment shifts accordingly. Once this data is analyzed, it's easy to separate the piece of clothing from the original body and use it in virtual try-ons.

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