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Added 1 September, 2017

Augmented reality restaurant menus are coming

If you've ever browsed a restaurant menu and wondered what a particular dish looks like, then the augmented reality mobile app from Kabaq was made for you.
KabaQ displays highly-realistic 3D models of menu items on the user's view of their table, allowing them to see various selections from multiple angles and zoom levels.
Compared to traditional menus, diners using Kabaq can experience an interactive, 360 view of each dish; see correct portion size; visualize ingredients; and be presented with complimentary food items. abaQ augmented reality food menu enables restaurateurs to present their menu in 3D, providing stunning visualization of their dishes and thus opportunities for upselling. When it comes to getting food delivered, customers can see the food, to scale, on their own table. The company touts the app, available on iOS and Android, as the future of food ordering. At present, though, it currently hosts only five menus from restaurants in New York.

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