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Added 2 January, 2014

Trend Alert! 2014 just began and the best smartwatch is already here

Regular readers of WikiTrends know that wearable computing is among the biggest buzz words of the year, yet no one seems certain where exactly the technology will lead. What is the killer application that will put a phone on everyone's wrist? Challenges with current smart watches like the Pebble and the Galaxy Gear is that they require pairing with the phone in your pocket, you need to remember to recharge them separately, and they don't do all the wonderful things that our smartphones do. When you think about it, the perfect smartwatch is one that's as good as our smartphones; ones you can make calls from, type text messages with and use all the apps you want. When you think about it, the answer is obvious and, with a wink and a nod, the terrific Smartlet case comes to the rescue by simply putting your Iphone on your wrist. There. Done. You now have the smartest smartwatch around. Like so many other cool products these days, Smartlet is launching as a Kickstarter. We love it.
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