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Added 3 September, 2013

Mobile phone attachment trend: Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality video device

Regular readers of WikiTrend will know that, which there hasn't been a whole lot of excitement lately in the smartphone app world, all the action has turned towards physical attachments that let you use your mobile in innovative new ways. Now there is a Kickstarter campaign for an attachment that lets you use your smartphone in completely new ways: Enjoy movies on what appears to be a huge 3D-Perfect screen, play totally immersive games and experience the awesome possibilities of augmented reality, all in a compact and portable hands free attachment. Called vrAse, the attachment creates 3D images by sending each eye its own information. Films are said to look terrific, games are immersive, and the device is VR ready for developers to come up with new uses. Of course, you have to wear this clunky looking thing on your face, but it's on-trend technology nonetheless.
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