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Added 8 January, 2014

New class of brainwave reading devices translate dog barks into human language

There are lots of new brainwave-reading devices coming to the market that allow wearers to manipulate external objects just by thinking about it. We have already covered some of these, like the headset with furry "ears" that you can move just by thinking about it, the video game controllers that can your thoughts to moves to the screen, and the wearable exoskeleton that can actually help paralyzed people walk again. If a machine can read and translate human brainwaves, then why couldn't it do the same for animals? That's the premise behind an intriguing new gadget called No More Woof (NMF) that aims to analyze animal thought patterns and spell them out in human language. Researchers have discovered that the canine brain offers similar electrical patterns when the animal is thinking things like "I'm Tired", "I'm excited" and possibly "I'm Hungry." The trend towards utilizing brainwave science is just beginning, for both humans and their pets.
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