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Added 5 July, 2015

Now you can book a vacation with only the sound of your voice

We are noticing a trend in which companies across the industrial spectrum are lining up to offer the voice-activated services that futuristic films have been promising us for years. The goal of this technology is to offer us as much functionality as possible, for the least effort imaginable. Just say the word and it's done. One example of this is the OneTravel flight booking app which recently introduced voice activated functionality for booking trips and holidays. Imagine sitting at your desk on a particularly busy workday and asking the app to inspire you with a tropical getaway. Sound nice? Just say "book it." With wearable tech products now coming into market in a big way, all signs point to a trend that maximizes convenience and spontaneity. The result will be fewer touch- or button-based interfaces in favor of those that make purchases and reservations as easy as asking for them.

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