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Added 5 January, 2020

Selfie culture is about to get worse in public spaces

Design studio Mira has invented an automated camera system for museums, sports arenas and other public venues that enables visitors to get the perfect shot for social media without the use of their personal devices. Mira describes itself "as the world's first automated photography platform" designed to produce high-quality images of people in entertainment and cultural venues, along with other public spaces. "The 'aha' moment for Mira came to us when we observed people inside amazing entertainment venues," said Noah Waxman, Mira co-founder and chief brand officer, in a media release. "They were so busy trying to capture the perfect Instagram shot that they failed to fully engage with their surroundings." The Mira Cam system is designed to be "intuitive and simple". The automated, electric-powered cameras are affixed to walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces, in areas where visitors would want to take a photo. The company also offers a freestanding version, noting that the cameras can be placed "just about anywhere".

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