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Added 11 May, 2015

Another way of thinking about the mobile payment trend

While big companies and banks are battling it out for supremacy in contactless payments, hard plastic cards still reign. But credit cards, debit cards and rewards cards are stuffing wallets to their limits. The Coin card, a thin black wafer of high-tech ingenuity, is a clever answer to this problem. In short, it's a single digital card that can be programmed to mimic every other card in your wallet. When you’re ready to pay just pull out the Coin card, select the card you want to use, and swipe Card just like the original one. As an added bonus, you can pair it to your mobile device and be alerted if you forget to take your card with you after paying. Whether the future is contactless payments via your smartphone, or a single-pay card like this, the trend points towards a new way of paying for goods and services and plastic becoming a thing of the past.

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