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Added 13 February, 2018

The end of privacy: Chinese police are wearing facial recognition sunglasses

in China, police are now wearing sunglasses equipped with facial-recognition technology to catch criminal suspects. Railway police in Zhengzhou, a central Chinese city, are the first in the country to use facial-recognition eyewear to screen passengers during the Lunar New Year travel rush, Chinese state media reported The glasses are connected to tablets that contain an offline database that can match passengers with suspected criminals. Unlike fixed cameras with facial-recognition capability, the wearable allows police to act more swiftly before their targets disappear into the crowd. Beijing-based LLVision, which developed the glasses said the device was able to identify individuals from a 10,000-person database within one-tenth of a second during tests. A basic, video-only version of the glasses retails for around $630, and has been sold to countries including the US and Japan, according to the company.

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