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Added 6 May, 2015

Is the selfie harness the Next Big Thing?

Selfie sticks, those long rods that people are using to hold their camera-phones at greater than arm's length, are so last week. Why tire your arms when you can have a device hold your camera for you, facing you at all times, of course. Japanese anime network Animax recently released a just-for-fun commercial featuring a young man liberated by the use of a smartphone holder that's attached by to a harness around his waist. Looking very much like the neck and head of a swan holding the phone in its mouth, the device is being used in the commercial by a the man lifting weights, eating a meal and watching cartoons. The fake spot perfectly skewers our obsession with filming ourselves everywhere, even while doing the most mundane tasks. OK, the selfie harness may not be the Next Big Thing. Then again....

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