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Added 28 September, 2018

Autonomous urban delivery vehicles geta boost from Renault

Renault has introduced the world its latest concept at Hannover Motor Show, Renault EZ-PRO Autonomous Urban Delivery Robo-Vehicle. It’s a concept electric, fully connected, and shared robo-pod concept that offers agile, last-mile delivery solutions for professional merchants. In the fast E-commerce growth, the problem can rise where consumers want immediate delivery while retailers want to manage delivery costs, and cities just want to find a new way to reduce traffic congestion. Renault EZ-Pro is a concept based on an autonomous leader pod and driverless robo-pods. The company believes that management of last-mile delivery will not be completely automated as people will stay at the core of transport activities for the foreseeable future. The leader pod of EZ-PRO hosts a human operator who supervises delivery of goods and services and its fleet. Drivers are released from constraints of driving, they can focus more on value-added tasks such as supervising the itinerary planning and those driverless robo-pods.

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