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Added 24 April, 2015

Personal tracking devices are keeping us from losing our minds

The fact that humans are forgetful creatures has led to a slew of high-tech tracking devices that just keep getting techier. If you have a smartphone, you probably know that you can track its location on a computer, should it get lost or stolen. But what about everything else? The California-based tech start-up Pixie has developed a small and lightweight guitar-pick shaped tracker of the same name that can be attached to anything you want to keep track of. With the Pixie app, you can then see exactly where your stuff is simply by looking at a map on your mobile device. And if any of the items you've "pixified" get separated from you, it can even send an alert before you get to far away. Wallet? Check. House keys? Check. You can now forget remembering! Well, except where you left your smartphone.

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