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Added 21 August, 2017

Rock band Styx broadcasts live concert to hearing aid wearers

Hundreds of thousands of hearing aid wearers are participating in rock-and-roll history when legendary rock band Styx broadcasts the final show of its U.S. summer tour directly to their hearing aids. This world's first live broadcast involves audio engineers capturing the live concert feed directly from Styx's soundboard and delivering it via a dedicated website to wearers of Oticon Opn brand hearing aids. The live audio broadcast is designed to illustrate the high-tech capabilities of a new generation of Internet-connected hearing aids that are transforming from sound amplification tools into wearable personal productivity and entertainment devices. It also points to a future that is quickly converging human beings and tech. Internet-connected hearing aids can communicate directly with a full range of connected devices. Wearers can listen to TV; connect with doorbells, smoke detectors, and other smart devices; and even get the weather-all through their hearing aids.

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