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Added 6 February, 2022

Rising seas are not stopping rising house prices

Realtors need not worry that rising oceans will hurt home sales, at least if the village of Fairbourne in Wales is an example. Scientists believe that this small town will probably be underwater by 2054 thanks to climate change, yet home sales are booming. After 2054, the village seawall will no longer be maintained, leaving it entirely vulnerable to sea level rise. Yet, according to real estate market tracker Rightmove, home prices in the village have surged 35 percent since 2019 alone. The grim reality? It sounds like the people driving up the home prices have basically made the calculation that by the time it’s underwater, they’ll be dead. “They accept what’s going to happen here but they are of an age where there may not be around in 25 years’ time,” one resident told the Evening News.

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