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Added 12 October, 2017

Google Pixel earbuds with real-time translation will change the face of travel

Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones with real-time language translation will soon be available to consumers. The first iteration of this technology could be glitchy, but the ability to translate speech into 40 languages could turn out to be a killer app for the travel industry. By touching the right earbud, users can receive instantaneous translations from the language they’re speaking to their language of choice. They will of course have to then speak out loud what they’re hearing if they want to communicate to someone.
Users will also be able to hand their phone to whoever they’re talking to, and receive an audio translation of their speech on the earbuds. All this is said to occur instantaneously. Picture a foreign traveler in St. Petersburg, Russia asking a store clerk to recommend out-of-the way restaurants where the food is good and the locals hang out. Just hand the clerk the phone, and get the translated recommendation right to the traveler’s earbuds.

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