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Added 11 September, 2013

Now that coffee pods are everywhere, get ready for fresh-brewed soup pods!

US-based Campbell Soup Company is taking a page from the success of single-serving coffee pods to create and market soup pods based on the same technology and process. Called K-Cup packs, they are designed to be brewed in the same single-cup machines that have become staples in homes, offices and upscale hotels around the world. According to the company, K-Cup packs are designed for snackers looking for ultra-convenient options. Denise Morrison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Soup Company said, "We expect this delicious Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup to provide consumers with a flavorful, convenient soup that fits their lives today." The vision is for snackers to brew hot broth, then serve it over an packet of dry pasta, which is includes. Is this a game-changer for the single-brew pod industry? What do you think?
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