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Added 8 October, 2013

Have specialist dating sites jumped the shark?

OK, is probably a joke, but its backers are seriously making fun of the fact that there seems to be a dating site for just about every proclivity these days. is a dating site based on book tastes, Cupidtino is for people who are Mac obsessed, Nerve Dating generates matches based on what you did last night, Blendr is based on "how close are you to me right now?", is for, well, you get it. If one thing is for certain, it's that online dating has changed the way people date. And the power to change culture is practically the definition of a trend. Of course, trends are meant to spawn counter-trends, and we're starting to see lots of off-line dating backlash, like the dating cafe in New York that we recently wrote about. Has online dating reached its apex? GhostSingles seems to say that it has, but we're willing to bet that there's still plenty of steam left in this one.
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