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Added 13 October, 2018

Direct-to-Consumer model comes to luxury towels

Who’s your favorite towel-maker? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably struggling to think of a single towel brand. Some of the best recommended towels on Amazon have names so forgettable–Superior, Martex, Pinzon–you’d need to go back to your order history to remember what you bought. The brands stocked by Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond are just as boring. And in any case, since most towels aren’t built to be particularly durable, you’re likely to throw them out after a few months anyway. Weezie wants to change that. It’s the latest entrant in the wave of startups that want to fill your home with direct-to-consumer products. As millennials enter full-blown nesting mode, they’re ditching the traditional home retailers and looking for online options. In fact, home goods is the fastest-growing product category sold on the internet, reaching $15 billion in sales, and twenty and thirty-somethings are driving this spike. They’re buying their sofa from Burrow, tableware from Year & Day, sheets from Brooklinen, and pots from Made In. Why wouldn’t they buy their towels from a hip, new, digitally native brand too?

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