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Added 3 August, 2017

Modular outlets turn any home into a smart home

Many new build houses now come with smart technology built in, allowing residents to control entertainment, environment, phones, lights, shopping and much more from a single control or even voice commands. For the rest of us, however, retrofitting smart home technology can be expensive and intrusive. A new Kickstarter campaign aims to fund an outlet that can be installed using existing wiring, and a suite of inserts that can turn any home into a smart home.
Swidget is made up of two elements, the Swidget outlet and inserts. Once the outlet is installed, users can instantly snap in any of the inserts to create a nightlight, USB charger, motion sensor, Bluetooth speaker, power monitor, video camera, timer, mood lighting, AI repeater (such as Alexa or Google Home) and more. The inserts will connect with smartphone, tablet or existing smart home hub, allowing users to control all the functions from a central location.

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