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Added 2 October, 2013

Consumer brands start creating apps for Google Glass

U.S.-based paint supplier Sherwin-Williams is one of the first consumer brands to see the utility of Google Glass and similar technologies to help promote their wares. Although the technology will not be available to the general public until next year, companies are imagining ways in which wearers might be able to interact with thier products and getting a jump on what will ineveitably be a crowded market space. Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Glass app allows Glass wearers to visualize the colors of walls before they are painted. By adding a digital layer of color right in front of user's eyes, the app can create thousands of shades that seem as though they are already on the walls. Wearable tech opens new opportunities for brands and marketers, as well as for users who will benefit from them. Once Glass launches, expect these pages to be filled with the best and brightest results.
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