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Added 22 April, 2020

Asian hotels are leading the way to service robotics

Meet Genie, Gena, and Genius, the latest hires at L’hotel Island South in Hong Kong to beat the coronavirus travel slump. The 76-meter tall members are part of a trio of artificial intelligence robots that the L’hotel Group, which operates seven hotels and serviced apartments in Hong Kong, has deployed since March to serve food and drinks to guests under quarantine stay at the 432-room L’hotel Island South, according to a spokesperson. A hotel staff will store the food and beverage inside the robot’s compartment with an integrated locking system with touchscreen interface. Upon delivery, guests are required to enter the PIN received in order to access into the compartment. L’hotel Group, part of Hong Kong property developer Chinachem Group, believes growth in hotel robots would be a rising trend in the next five years. “Continuous optimization of [Genie, Gena and Genius] will make [them] not only delivery robots, but also an all-rounded assistance in the hotel performing multi-tasking functions,” said the company.
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