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Added 24 October, 2013

The common light bulb is getting a 21st century upgrade

After more than 100 years using light bulbs with basically the same incandescent technology, the world is on the precipice of dramatic change that will both save energy and open up a new Technicolor world. Created with LEDs, these new bulbs are quickly establishing themselves as the tech of choice in homes and offices. In addition to being ultra-bright and efficient, they are also durable, environmentally friendly, and cool to the touch. The most forward-thinking bulb we've seen so far is the LIFX, a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color LED bulb that is controlled with an app on your mobile device. At about half the price is the NanoLeaf bulb, a bright white light without all the bells and whistles. Both point to a future that is starting to change the way we use light.
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