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Added 2 June, 2018

Facial recognition billboards are popping up in metro stations

Facial recognition technology is becoming more prominent in a range of different industries. Its uses span from speeding up the process for boarding a plane to acting as an app-based digital identity provider. We are seeing the technology being integrated more and more into pubic services and the everyday activities of individuals.
The metro in Brazil’s Sao Paulo has continued with this notion and taken it once step further. Via Quatro, the concession holder of the city’s metro’s yellow line, have installed interactive platform doors in three stations. The doors display advertising and information, but also use facial recognition technology. The sensors recognize human presence and can identify how many people are waiting.
Furthermore, the technology can judge each commuter’s reaction to the advertising, and categorizes the individual as happy, unsatisfied, surprised or neutral. This is then collated as feedback for the effectiveness and impact of the ad.

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