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Added 25 November, 2017

World's first 3D-printed metal bridge is being built in Amsterdam

A 12-metre-long pedestrian bridge will be the world's largest 3D-printed metal structure when it is completed and installed in Amsterdam next year. Originally slated to be built in place, Dutch 3D-printing start-up MX3D realized their design would have placed too much stress on canal walls, and have been busy conducting tests and rejigging their stainless steel design off site. According to The Times, scientists in London have created a "digital twin" of the bridge that tests the material and load limits, as well as how it reacts to external weather events, temperature extremes, and people walking over it. After testing is completed, the bridge – which is 3D-printed by robotic arms using stainless steel – will be placed across a canal in Amsterdam, a city that has over 1200 bridges throughout its canals, with some dating back to the 17th century.

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