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Added 14 May, 2015

Here come the Apple Watch accessories: Power Bands

Early adopters embrace the Apple Watch as a fashionable and convenient way to stay connected and quickly accomplish important tasks. But even its strongest boosters worry that it might become just another device you need to worry about charging. So it should come as no surprize that one of the first third-party accessories to gain traction is the WiPowerBand, a battery extender that promises to double the battery life of the Apple Watch (to 2 days) while remaining sleek and comfortable to wear. Which brings us to the real question regarding Apple Watch accessories: Will attachments and mods be embraced by the public for a device that’s meant to be so small, comfortable and stylish? Or do additions risk turning the Apple Watch into a clumsy amalgamation of plastic, metal and computer chips hanging off of your wrist? We’ll be sure to find out soon. Now that the first of these accessories are arriving, you can bet on a tidal wave to come.

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