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Added 16 January, 2014

Airline uses Twitter to let customers know how long it will take to get their questions answered

KLM has been out in front of the social media curve for several years now. The Dutch airline has started many online trends, including initiatives that invited Business Class flyers to connect with each other before flying to facilitate business relationships. The airline is also one of the most active on Twitter and has a large social networking customer relations team that communicating with customers across all the major online platforms. On Twitter, not only does KLM answer customers' queries, but they now have a timer on the upper right hand corner of their page that lets customers know exactly how long it will take to get an answer. The display, which is updated every 5 minutes, will soon come to their Facebook page as well. In businesses across the industrial spectrum, we are seeing that customer service is getting better all the time. KLM ups the ante for responsiveness and will bring businesses of all kinds up with them.
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