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Added 13 July, 2015

Voice-activated automation is not just the future, it is now

Moto Hint is a discreet wireless earbud that doesn't make its users look like headset-wearing geeks. Put the device in your ear and you can interact with your phone using your voice. Ask questions like “What’s today’s forecast?” or “How do I get home?” and get answers directly in your ear. Of course you can also hear notifications, make calls, and send messages without having to touch your phone as well. Voice-activated assistants are the Next Big Thing, in homes and on the road. What we like about this device is that it’s small enough to go unnoticed when placed in the ear, making it more convenient and discreet to remain constantly connected. The connection between humans and technology is getting ever closer. Moto Hint is a giant step in that direction.

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