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Added 19 January, 2014

Electric toothbrushes are going digital

The Internet of Things is the concept that all the things we use around the house will be connected to us, and to each other. You've probably heard about refrigerators that are connected to the Internet, can alert you when you are out of milk, and even place the order itself online. If that is the direction that things are going, then why not have a connected toothbrush that can keep track of your brushing habits and tell you (and your dentist) how you are doing? That's the promise of the Kolibree smart toothbrush, a Bluetooth-enabled electronic toothbrush that can analyze your brushing and display your progress on your mobile device. Amazingly, it not only tells you how long you have brushed, but if you have reached all your back teeth enough as well. Will there actually be a market for this? The developers are betting that it will be a hit with families who want to keep track of their children's' brushing, and make it more fun for them as well.
German Smith
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