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Added 2 December, 2013

Video games use brain waves instead of joystick controls

Taken to its logical extreme, some day it will be normal for humans to have computer chips implanted in their brains that help navigate the outside world. Why should we have to refer to our clunky phones or even to our Google Glasses to navigate our surroundings, communicate with others, and retrieve information on the go? The path to this future is taken in baby steps, the first of which are devices that can interact with our brainwaves to control objects both real and virtual. Wearable plastic "ears" that we can wiggle just by thinking about it are already a novelty item on the market. Medical researchers are already using similar technology to help patients who have lost the ability to control their limbs. Next up is an Android game developed by Personal Neuro Devices (PND) that lets players move virtual spaceships via Bluetooth-enabled headsets and neurofeedback. Called Neuronauts, and meant to be played on your mobile device, the game is the first of what may be a new generation of games that dispenses with physical controllers altogether.
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