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Added 13 January, 2014

Is three-way stereo the next music trend?

Stereophonic sound reproduces music using two or more independent audio channels to mimic natural hearing, making it seem as though the music is coming from various directions. Today, a dance band called NightBus is releasing a new single called "When the Night Time Comes" that is made in a novel new way, called "three-way stereo." The track is mixed with very different arrangements for each ear that are made to work well together. One side is upbeat with female vocals while the other features a downtempo guitar and male vocals. Together, they create a unique third version works perfectly. The groundbreaking mix began when the daughter of the owner of the band's record company commented that good songs sound bad when she listens to them while sharing an earbud headphone with a friend. The result is fantastic. Put on some headphones and click the link to the video and see what you think.
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