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Added 18 February, 2014

E-cigarettes get smarter with Bluetooth music and phone features

OK, this is weird. There has been a lot of talk about wearable computing lately, which for most industry-watchers has meant things like watches that double as phones and bracelets that monitor your heartbeat. Now a maker of electronic cigarettes is jumping on the "smart" trend by incorporating phone and audio functions into the e-smokes themselves. That's right: Supersmoker Club's electronic cigarette has Bluetooth functionality that connects it with the smartphone in your pocket. Now e-smokers can chat on the phone or listen to music through their cigarette, even while smoking it. Called the Supersmoker Bluetooth, the device lets you answer calls with a single touch. When a call comes in the cigarette beeps and vibrates. While it's hard to imagine that this product has much more than novelty value, it points to a future in which our various devices, clothes and accessories are becoming ever more integrated.
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