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Added 30 September, 2013

Online subscriptions are the next battlegrounds for retailers

A few months ago we reported on an initiative by in which consumers can sign up for a recurring subscription that delivers products that are used regularly, like soap and hair products. The company offers a discount to members of their "Subscribe and Save" program in return for being such loyal customers. The US-based retail chain Target soon followed with their own subscription delivery program. Now the playing field is getting more complicated as Target is launching an online subscription service specifically for baby products, like diapers, wipes, diapers, and baby food. To best Amazon, Target is also taking advantage of their huge network of retail stores to let customers easily return any purchase they are not happy with. Other companies are jumping into the subscription model too, including fashion e-retailer JustFab and healthy snacks subscription e-retailer NatureBox. It's an interesting new frontier in retail that will appeal to many customers who see subscriptions as a way of making their lives easier.
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