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Added 1 October, 2013

Changing economics: Chinese-owned luxury brand opens store in... Milan?

Giada is not just a Chinese-owned luxury brand. It is also a high-end Italian fashion house, because all the designs are created in Italy. What's interesting about this brand is that it is aimed towards Chinese customers, as is this shop, even though it is located in Milan. Sound strange? As a generalization, Chinese love to flaunt brand names. When they go abroad, they are some of the world's most voracious shoppers. They want well-made, high-quality European brands. So it makes sense that a Chinese company should buy one of these brands, then market it heavily in China. That, in a nutshell is the Giada story. At this moment, this is the only example of this kind of business play, however, WikiTrend says we should expect to see lots more like it.
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