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Added 18 May, 2015

Increasingly, governments are behind the latest food trends

We are often asked whether trends just happen, or if it is possible to manufacture them. While most unfold organically, without conscious intervention, many others are the result of a concerted effort of a person, company or government. While many food trends may seem to magically appear from nowhere, the truth is that many governments are increasingly deploying their nations’ trademark cuisines in "soft power" efforts to raise awareness of their nations, alter negative perceptions, and attract tourism and investment. Count Peru, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico and Thailand among the countries that are making concerted efforts to push their cuisines into the foodie consciousness by promoting "celebrity" chefs, funding food festivals and backing food-centric marketing stunts and ad campaigns. Governments are coming to understand that one of the best ways into people's minds is through their stomachs and they're finding success in boosting their own reputation (and tourist dollars) by winning the world over with their own unique flavor.

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